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Twilight RP

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This is an RP community for fans of the very popular book series ~ Twilight <3

Credit for manip goes to make_me_irish

This is a RP community for the very popular novel series Twilight. At the moment we are not accepting original characters but we may soon decide to open that up, but at the moment I think I want most of the canon characters filled. Having instant messager isn't necessary for this rp but if you do have it don't be hesitate to let us know. If you do decide to please post the convo (you don't need to include random OOC stuff in it) under an lj cut.

At the end of Eclipse we leave at when Jacob Black is upset after recieving a wedding invitation to Bella Swan and Edward Cullen's wedding. He's hurt and lost and he just doesn't know what to do. He feels like he just had a great loss. Is it possible that he has imprinted on Bella Swan? His friends try to help, but he doesn't want them to, he just wants things to get better and Bella to leave Edward at the alter for him. What will happen? You decide the plot.

1) Respect the other players please. If you're being disrespectful I or any of the other MODs won't be very happy with you and could result in probation. If it continues banning you from continuing the game and your character will be put up in the open section.
2) No Godmoding please. This means that you have no control over what another character does if that player doesn't want you to. It's pretty simple really, just say I was Edward and I was in a thread between Edward and Bella. Yes he'd be allowed to kiss her like "He looked into her eyes, perplexed as they were and softly placed his lips to them, making sure not to put too much pressure on the swelling that arose after her little acident." but it would be inexceptable if it was something like this "Edward grabbed her hand a little more forcful then he would have liked and took her out of the room so he could show her the stars." Basicly it's saying, unless BOTH players agree to a change like that in a thread DON'T DO IT!
3) Please try to keep the net speak to a minimum and use spell check. 1 f1nd 1t v3rY d1ff1Cult t0 und3rst@nd th15 so PLEASE don't do it. (It was difficult to write XD)
4) I'd really like it if this was an active community. So please, PLEASE try to keep threads going.
5) When speaking as yourself (and not your character) it would be most benificial to everyone else if you wrote it in double brakets.
6) Try to keep the characters as much as possible in character. I know it's difficult sometimes but please try. I don't want any "and Edward bit the back of Bella's warm neck, letting the blood flow down his throat softly as he began to turn her." because we all KNOW that he would NEVER bite her willing, espcially since in Eclipse he had made an agreement with Bella that he'd only do that once they were married. Once those characters are married (if the players choose TOGETHER that Edward and Bella will be getting married) then go ahead. Other then that, DON'T TRY IT!
7) Be optimistic. Just because you may not see something, try to keep an open mind about this. It's so much more fun when you look at it from all sides.
8)When posting use a suitable format like this one ~
9) No one can have more then two characters.
10) You MAY put a character on reserve, but if you do not apply for it in a week it will be lost. You can only apply for a reservation of the same character twice. If you try a third time, you will be rejected.
11) HAVE FUN <3

Once you've been accepted, make a journal for your character, join both this community and twilightrp_ooc.

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